Posted by: WebHobbit | January 4, 2010

My hopes for Marvel in 2010

Norman Osborn

A few of my hopes for Marvel in 2010:

1) I REALLY wanna see Norman Osborn get his ass kicked. He needs to go down and go down HARD. As fun as the past year of comics has been I am soooo ready for the good guys to WIN.

2) The Mouse should stay out of the House. I hope Disney stays out of the editorial & creative side of Marvel comics.

3) Dark Avengers should be canceled right after Osborn’s incarceration/death.

4) I’d like to see Dark Wolverine, Wolverine Weapon X and Wolverine: Origins be rolled into ONE Wolverine book called “Wolverine”….this would be a MONTHLY book and would start with an issue number around 400 or 500 or so (it would absorb all the issue numbers of all previous and current Wolverine comics). I KNOW they won’t really combine all those books but I would like to see Weapon X and Origins combined into one book titled “Logan” & the regular Wolverine book does need it’s issue number count to return to “normal” (300+ by now). Obviously my math needs checked here but you get the idea.

5) Skaar please GO AWAY. Talk about wearing out one’s welcome! I was with Greg Pak all through Planet Hulk. That was some GOOD STUFF right there. But Skaar needs to leave Incredible Hulk alone. PLEASE return Banner-Hulk! We need him! Skaar is a soulless unrepentant MONSTER. We have enough of those in real life. We need a HERO.


  1. As a lifelong Spidey fan I’m dying to seen Norman get his arse kicked.


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