Posted by: WebHobbit | January 3, 2010

On Resolutions…

Me & Luke

New Years Resolutions are so cliched. Not only are they cliched but it almost seems like the more you profess to set a Goal For The New Year the more likely you are to fail. Since I don’t need any help failing I’m not going to say these next few items are New Years Resolutions. Rather I’m going to just say these are things I’d like to work at -starting NOW.

Write More – I’m going to try to stop being so lazy and post more. There seems to be a handful of folks reading this stuff according to my stats and I certainly don’t have a lack of opinions on a variety of topics. It WOULD be nice if people would comment more though. Heck I LOVE to argue. (shrugs)

Lose Weight   – The Hobbit “eating 6 meals a day” thing was cute when I was 20 something… 40 something with high blood pressure, IBS and other “issues” it could just be DEADLY.

Be Happier – Like most every Woody Allen character (not that I am a fictitious Allen character -I’m not smart or funny enough!) I tend to focus on the negative and gripe a lot. There is a fine line between Delightful Curmudgeon and Annoying Grouch.

So as you can see I have a lot to work on. This is good news for you few who seem amused by my words. Stay tuned.


  1. I would enjoy all of these to be worked on for the following reason:

    your health.

    Writing is something you obviously like to do and I enjoy reading the words. Losing weight would help you be healthy and you do realize that being healthy DOES equal happiness, right? It’s very true. Junk food = sadness, no matter how great it feels while you eat those Doritos. Happiness is also contagious, so I’m pretty sure it would help us all.

    In other news, that picture makes me happy! You look kind of high, though.


  2. OMG – you had to say DORITOS!

    Good thing we don’t have any right now.


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