Cover Scanning beyond the Retina Age

This page is a “sequel to the sequel” rather than a replacement for my original guide to comic-book cover scanning. Read it here:

We now ( 2/14/2015) are clearly living in a time well BEYOND the Retina Age as we have many devices from smart-phones & tablets to televisions and monitors that are surpassing Apple’s iPad specs of 2048×1536 . So now I have started saving new cover scans at an even higher resolution. Call it “future proofing”.  Here is the new recipe (most everything from the original guide still applies with a couple of key changes):

HQ-3000 Scans:

1. Scan at 300 DPI with auto tone and Unsharp Mask OFF. Make sure Descreen is ON.

2. Adjustments – auto levels

3. Image Size –change Pixel Dimensions Height to 3000

4. Sharpen –Unsharp Mask -amount: 50%, Radius: 1.0, Threshold: 0

5. Save as Jpeg quality: 09, Baseline Optimized

Resulting file is between 1.3MB and 1.8MB (depending on color level).


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