Posted by: WebHobbit | August 26, 2018

Sunday Scan – Sal Buscema

Welcome to Sunday Scan! This time we have an interior panel scan from a Marvel Rom Spaceknight comic. Pencils by the underrated Sal Buscema with inks by the impeccable Akin and Garvey. Click the image below for a larger version. Enjoy!


Posted by: WebHobbit | March 9, 2018

Single Lever Shower Controls Suck

First in one is likely to be a series of 1st World Problem Rants. This time I’d like you to meet the new (3 years or so) Single Lever Shower Control Thingie at our new place:


And this shows where the various levels seem to be and what those levels feel like:


Note there seems to be NO changes in temperature between the markings above even though there is a LOT of space for it. I NEVER had any issue getting a nice hot but not too hot shower with the old shower that had separate hot and cold dials.


Posted by: WebHobbit | February 24, 2018

Anxiety isn’t always a Bad Thing

Every now and then I read something so GOOD…something so thought provoking that at once I feel smarter for having experienced it and a little sad that I will NEVER write so profoundly WELL. Nevertheless a work so good should be celebrated and passed around. So pour a fresh cup of coffee (or what ever you like to drink) and enjoy this essay on Anxiety and the Human Condition. I submit to you “The Usefulness of Dread” by Samir Chopra.  It’s the Good Stuff!




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