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UFOs & a Hobbit’s nostalgia

We just watched the first episode of the History Channel’s “Project Blue Book”:


It was pretty good. I wonder how many remember the first series? Like the new series it was very loosely based on the actual Air Force Project Blue Book:

My Dad and I watched that show religiously when it originally aired…I was 10 years old.I will NEVER forget that opening sequence “…Ezekiel saw the wheel”.

It was called “Project UFO” and only made it 2 seasons in the late 1970’s:


The new show has some promise. Aside from the drama and sci-fi (not to mention excellent acting by Aidan Gillen -Game of Throne’s own Littlefinger!) what struck me was how GREAT stuff used to be built back before the US shifted nearly all our manufacturing to China and other countries. This is not a new revelation but I often get these kind of nostalgic feelings and memories when I see shows/movies set in the America of my childhood (and even more so eras before I was born in 1968). I’m talking about almost everything from furniture, lamps to appliances and printed media. We are of course more technologically advanced now but we certainly have lost some build quality..craftsmanship and I don’t know -SOUL?

Fortunately much of that old furniture was so solidly OVERBUILT that it’s still around today. Some of it can be had for VERY little money. I’m sitting at an old school teacher’s desk right now I picked up for $10.00 at a local auction. I replaced one loose screw, cleaned it up and it’s nearly as good as new. I’m not sure what year this is from but it’s real oak, fairly heavy and I love it.

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Sunday Scan – Jim Steranko

This week’s Sunday Scan features an explosive full page splash by the legendary Jim Steranko. This page is from Marvel’s Strange Tales #154 (1967). Story and art by Jim Steranko with a script by Roy Thomas. Click for higher resolution version.


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YouTube Show? YouTube Addict?

I’ll admit it. I’m sort of addicted to YouTube. I follow SOOOOO many channels. I’m always trying to make my wife sit down here with me at my desk and watch “just one more” video that’s ONLY 10 minutes….or 6…or 23. The new 27 inch display only made it WORSE. She eventually made a deal with me. She agreed to watch my YT content but MOST of it will be at a designated time once a week. So here is the deal – Every Saturday Night we watch a Playlist that I carefully put together through out the previous week. The “program” has a max of “about” 3 hours I call it “a 180”. It’s a public playlist:

We use a Roku box hooked up to a 65 inch Samsung TV in the living room. As entertaining as YT is on a PC it’s even better with a big TV, a real sound system and a comfy couch.

I’m also toying around with the idea of finally starting my own YouTube weekly “show”. It will be 10-15 minutes of me ranting and spouting my opinions and sometimes reviewing my latest toys from handguns & tech to comicbooks and probably some TV/Movie discussion as well. The only thing stopping me is….well me mostly. It’s difficult for me to get past some silly fears and self consciousness about anything and everything from my voice to my appearance. If I can get over myself and relax enough I’d love to make it happen.

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