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Fallout 4 Arsenal

So I’ve been playing Fallout 4 nearly non-stop since it’s release (Steam PC version here). I can’t seem to do much of anything else I am so hopelessly addicted! Good thing I been off all week on vacation from work! According to Steam I’ve played 74 hours as of right now! I’m at level 30. This game is absolutely my new Skyrim insofar as game obsession/enjoyment. (I put 854 hours into Skyrim over about 3 years I think) I’m just loving Fallout 4. I think Bethesda did a fantastic job overall! I’ve been modifying/improving my character’s weaponry quite a bit. Really fun stuff.

Here are some screen-shots of my guy’s guns (click for larger versions):






Posted by: WebHobbit | November 8, 2015

Sunday Scan – Boris Vallejo

Click the image below to load a 2232×3000 version:


Sunday Scan is a series where I feature a high rez (3000 pixel height at low compression) scan of the cover to a different comicbook from my collection each week. This week’s scan is the cover to one of Marvel’s magazine-sized black & white horror books. This is Vampire Tales #6 (1974) noted as the second appearance of Lilith -Dracula’s daughter. It’s a relatively early painting by the great Boris Vallejo.

Posted by: WebHobbit | November 5, 2015

Panel Scan – Gene Colan’s Dracula

Still reading through Marvel’s awesome ’70s series Tomb of Dracula. I just finished #22 (1974). This large panel is a stunning example of Gene Colan’s Dracula.


This single panel took about 50% of a single page (which was somewhat unusual at the time as the general style was lots of smaller panels with six or more on most pages). I love the facial expressions on both characters as well as the ornate gold details of the ceiling/wall area above and behind them. This issue is a bit of a departure story-wise as Dracula ends up in the role of hero as he protects the girl from an evil ghost that haunts the mansion she’s inherited (and Dracula covets for himself). In my opinion the definitive Dracula isn’t Bela Lugosi, Peter Cushing or even Gary Oldman -it’s the Gene Colan drawn version from this series!

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