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Dr. Voodoo

Dr. Voodoo

Lately I’ve been rocking Marvel’s new Dr. Voodoo series. I’m a sucker for all the old Marvel horror/supernatural characters. I just recently managed to complete my Werewolf By Night collection including the hard to find (and hard to afford) coveted first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #2! But I digress the subject here is Dr. Voodoo AKA Brother Voodoo as he was better known from his first appearances in the early ’70’s Strange Tales issues 169 & 170:

Strange Tales 169 & 170

Brian Michael Bendis modernized the character somewhat recently in the pages of New Avengers. Jericho Drumm got promoted to Doctor Voodoo (oddly enough that is what Roy Thomas originally called the character when he brought the concept to Stan Lee but Stan said no -BROTHER VOODOO!). According to Bendis’s story Dr. Strange “fell from grace” and the Eye of Agammato had to choose a new Sorcerer Supreme. After a lot of flying around looking at possible candidates (including among others Dr. Doom and Daimon Hellstrom the Son of Satan) Jericho Drumm was chosen. So he got a cool amulet, scarlet cloak of levitation, a black body suit and a creepy staff with attached dangling shrunken heads to go along with the upgraded nomenclature. Speaking of the creepy staff -get this -the heads SCREAM crazy unpronounceable stuff at his opponents when he uses it’s dark mojo! Awesome! 🙂

Art by Jefte Palo from Doctor Voodoo #1.

Shortly after the events in the pages of New Avengers he got his own book. I’ve read the first 3 issues now and I’m really loving it. It’s creepy and dark but it does have that goofy old school Marvel fun to it that always sucks me right in. Unfortunately these odd ball decidedly NON-main stream comics tend to not make it very long and get canceled after 12 or 14 issues (see Blade’s last series). I really hope Dr. Voodoo Avenger of the Supernatural is the exception to this rule . So please do pick it up if you like great Marvel horror books.

I made this widescreen wallpaper from the cover of issue 2 (art by Marko Djurdjevic). Click the thumbnail below for a full-size 1920×1200 version. Or click here for a 1680×1050 version.

Dr. Voodoo wallpaper

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