Posted by: WebHobbit | June 21, 2015

Sunday Scan – John Romita Sr.

Click the image below to load a 2004×3000 pixel version:


Sunday Scan time again! This week’s selection is one of Marvel’s horror books. This is the cover for Chamber of Darkness #1 (1969) by the master John Romita Sr. Romita could draw anything and do it all well. He was the Art Director for Marvel from 1973 all the way through the 80’s. He was by and large responsible for the look of the whole Marvel line. He also did a lot of cover work and character designs much of which with no formal credit. Today John Romita Sr. is on the Fund Disbursement Board for the Hero Initiative and he still does a few covers here and there.


  1. Hey! Where can I get a copy of this?! Looks awesome! If you like EC Comics, I have some scans on my paggeee, the rarer ones too!


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