Posted by: WebHobbit | June 14, 2015

Sunday Scan – Bob Layton

Click the image below to load a 2215×3000 pixel version:


Welcome to another Sunday Scan! This week I scanned one of the rarer books in my collection. At least it seems kind of rare to me as I never see this comic anywhere! I’m talking about #37 in the Marvel Graphic Novel series. This is also known as Hercules Prince of Power: Full Circle (1988). This is a beautiful magazine sized original graphic novel (not a collected arc or mini-series) where the great Bob Layton continues his bombastic Hercules story-lines that he began years earlier in two equally fantastic limited series. Bob Layton is a fantastic artist and writer probably best known (among Marvel fans) as the definitive Iron Man inker. For me when I think of Bob Layton I think of Iron Man AND Hercules! All of Bob Layton’s Hercules tales are terrific reads and this is well worth seeking out. I loved this cover so much I also made a windows wallpaper image from it’s elements. Click the thumbnail below to load a full-size (1920×1080) version:



  1. I should make this the background image on my screen at work. Most people have a picture of the ocean or whatever.


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