Posted by: WebHobbit | May 31, 2013

Marvel Subscription Ads

Remember comic-book subscriptions? Remember when it was a big deal that they FINALLY started mailing them FLAT? If you do you are in a word – OLD (or getting there) my friend! I’m 45 and I remember seeing the subscription ads circa 1978 (I was about 10 then). Some of them bragged about how they are now mailed FLAT! I thought: how the heck did they do it before??? The more I collected it sure didn’t take long before I got hold of a back-issue with the dread subscription-crease! Then I knew -HORROR OF HORRORS they FOLDED THEM! Nearly as shocking to my young mind back then as was the ending to Soylent Green!

Anyway I’m reading through every issue of the original Defenders series now and I thought I would post a few Ads for the heck of it.

Click the “thumbnail” below to load a 1,536px × 1,650 pixel version:


Click the “thumbnail” below to load a 1536 × 1619 pixel version:


And now for some John Byrne goodness from 1984 (click for 1536 × 1524 version):


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