Posted by: WebHobbit | March 1, 2008

Luke versus SanDisk

This is Luke:


He is half Rat Terrier and half Papillon.


He is 9 months old & weighs about 16 pounds. He is also fairly goofy, sweet and somewhat DESTRUCTIVE. This is what happened when he managed to obtain about 8 minutes of alone time with my 4 gig SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB flash drive:


No, it does NOT work anymore. No, I didn’t hurt him.


I yelled some…then bought myself an 8 gig replacement the next day! I just hate it when the dog prompts an upgrade.



  1. That would be the “Terrier” part. OMG the destruction they can cause. Did any of your furniture legs survive their puppy hood?
    email me where you picked up your upgrade and how much it set you back.

    Funny when I saw Luke vs Sandisk..I thought it was Star Wars related…I am a fangirl.


  2. We have coffee cans protecting the legs of our kitchen table!

    And I bought the 8 gig unit from RadioShack (locally even!) for $59.99 (on sale).

    This sale price actually BEAT all the online vendors which is really unusual!


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