Posted by: WebHobbit | September 25, 2007

Guggenheim at the ‘rama

Newsarama has a pretty good interview with Marc Guggenheim about his upcoming Wolverine arc. Here is a snippet:

I’ve always loved Wolverine, and have always been a huge X-Men fan. So in terms of the “big toys” that Marvel has, Wolverine is very close to the top of the list in terms of characters that I’ve always wanted to write.

The second half of that is that I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed writing the character. Reading a character and experiencing a character is one thing, but writing it is another experience entirely, and I’ve really, really enjoyed writing the character and having the fun of this guy who is, on the surface, very two dimensional, but in reality, and when handled properly, is very three dimensional.

Read it all here:

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