Posted by: WebHobbit | November 1, 2015

Sunday Scan – Gil Kane

Click the image below to load a 1916×3000 pixel version:


Sunday Scan time. This week we have another one by the legendary and prolific Gil Kane. This is the cover to Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian #69 (1976). Pencil art by Gil Kane with inking by the great Pablo Marcos. I love the sense of movement and the over the shoulder perspective Kane used here. This is one of the 42 books I scored at Matt Hawes’s flea market booth yesterday during his .50 sale! Cover condition was a little rough (I Photoshopped a LOT of defects out to get it this good!) but a steal at 50 cents.


  1. I always loved those boots that 70s artists drew too to make it look like the characters were wearing flares!


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