Posted by: WebHobbit | August 9, 2015

Windows – so OVER it!

My desktop computer (self built) was offered the free Windows 10 upgrade via the system tray icon. So I took it and it was a fast and painless process. Now that it IS installed two things strike me -one bad and one good. The good -new start menu is VASTLY superior to the vile start screen nonsense. The bad -the new task-bar with the TINY and UGLY icons is an abomination. Click on the thumbnails below and you tell me which is better!

Windows 8.1:


Windows 10:


Over on my laptop (Dell XPS13) it too was offered the update. I tried to run it there from the icon about 4 times and each time it errored out. So I then tried the downloadable ISO method of updating. That didn’t work either:


You know I think it’s time MS just STOPPED with the new versions of Windows. Lets just be brutally honest here and say it out loud:

Visually Windows 7 was/is really the pinnacle of what one can do with a desktop/laptop OS.

All we really NEED added to that is speed/RAM usage, booting, security and file system (under the hood) continuous improvements. And 8, 8.1 and presumably 10 does do that. We don’t need “all new versions” and horrifying update situations (like on my laptop). I do like the new start menu far better than the start screen but really innovations like this could be added via Windows Update. And furthermore all that kinda stuff as well as the new shitty version of the task-bar icons should be OPTIONAL. All the various GUI stuff should be listed in handy drop downs under customization. Why hard-lock this stuff????????? What is this iOS?

I guess after all these years I’ve matured away from getting excited about a new Windows version. Now I just want to use my programs! I don’t turn on the PC to play with Windows “features”. I turn on the PC to use Firefox or Photoshop or ComicCollector Pro or Word or something. I can still do that but on my desktop they have FUCKED UP MY BEAUTIFUL AND EASY TO SEE/USE TASK-BAR ICONS…and on my laptop they made me waste several frustrating hours trying to install a free upgrade to Windows 10 that ultimately FAILED. After a LOT of screwing around I think I manually deleted all the BS Windows 10 files from my laptop and I think I finally convinced Windows Update to stop trying to download the bits over and over again….but it wasn’t easy.

Not happy with Microsoft right now. Not at all.

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