Posted by: WebHobbit | April 26, 2015

Sunday Scan – Al Milgrom


Time for another edition of Sunday Scan. Today’s cover is 1984’s Kitty Pryde & Wolverine #1. This Marvel Limited series featured Wolverine’s demonic enemy Ogun. Kitty undergoes some serious training both mental and physical and by the end of this mini-series she’s as much of a Ninja as she is a super-hero. Milgrom’s pencil work may lack the detail of other artists but his honest simplicity had a clean animated style that was always fun & appealing. He also had a nice grasp of human anatomy. Notice how his Kitty Pryde actually looks like a petite young teen-age girl -not a porn-star. Hundreds of other comic-artists would do well to follow his example!


  1. I still have to wonder why it’s insistent that she’s drawn in pink though. I understand that it implies a female essence (as if women can’t wear black and remain women?), but I think the girlish figure you mention does a good enough job of that. It’s nit-picky, I know, but it’s harder for me to take her seriously when she’s wearing the same outfit as my 2 year old niece. To me this doesn’t scream “ninja” or “superhero”, it whispers “scared little girl”.


  2. Well I dunno if you’ve read much X-Men/Kitty Pryde comics but that dichotomy is kinda the point. You wouldn’t expect Kitty Pryde to be this bad-ass super-hero/warrior. But she becomes that.


  3. I guess questioning the “intent” behind the comic book industry’s portrayal of women at all is somewhat “dead end”, so good point, I might be barking at a bigger beast with this one.


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