Posted by: WebHobbit | February 7, 2015

Android vs. iOS =ARGGGGH!

So its waaaay past time to upgrade my venerable iPhone 4S…yet I’m STILL going to wait until September of this year when two of our lines are both up for an upgrade (AT&T here). I like the idea of setting up basically identical phones for the Wife and I. And if we get them at the same time then they will be in sync with upgrade eligibility. Anyway this whole decision thing has become an enormous pain. Both sides have big negatives and also big positives. My needs really are pretty simple as compared to a lot of other geeks. Aside from the standard web-browsing, texting, emailing & picture taking I don’t run all that many apps. I only run ONE paid app and that’s CLZ Comic Collector. For several months now I’ve been rather enamored with the idea of getting a phablet. For me it’s a win-win -essentially I get a mini-tablet that also happens to text/call over cellular. Perfect! Or rather it SHOULD BE. I basically have it narrowed down to either the iPhone 6+ if I choose to stay safely on iOS or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if I choose to “jump ship”. Sounds relatively easy – right? Just read up on things…reviews, blogs and watch lots of YouTube videos. But then I learned TWO disturbing bits:

1) As of the iPhone 6+ Apple’s biggest and best is no longer “Pixel Perfect” by their own design definitions! See the linkage below for the proof:

2) Both platforms seem to give PRECIOUS LITTLE in the way of increased screen real-estate due to scaling and other complex factors.

The following image shows the CollectorZ Comic app in list view. On the left is the latest Android build (2.0 sadly) on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. While on the right is iOS build 2.5 on my old iPhone 4S. Despite my iPhone having only a 3.5 inch screen @640×960 and the Note having a 5.7 incher @1440×2560 it only gets barely ONE more line of content!


And here is my thread about this on CollectorZ forums:


  1. Hey, I have an iPhone 4S and I like it. I had an HTC Eris running Android and it was shit. It would crash, and the only way to get it going again was to take out the battery and put it back in. My brother had an Android made by a different manufacturer – same problem. So a Droid guy says to me, “Well, that’s only because the firmware isn’t updated with the software, and the thingamajig isn’t properly aligned with the doo-dad,blah, blah, blah” – do you think I really care WHY it’s a piece of shit? I just want it to work. So jumping ship is not going to happen. Interesting about the screen not really being bigger. Just one more reason to keep the 4S for now Good post..


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