Posted by: WebHobbit | March 9, 2014

It’s Time


So I’m reading through the comments here:

And I’m at once heartened and a little surprised that so many people are thinking (and saying/typing) the same things I have been. I have shied away from the whole debate about the original Start Menu’s value (for the most part anyway) because as I have always said I just don’t use the Start Menu that much as I prefer to use the Task Bar to pin my most used programs. But I have to say that the old Start Menu while not PERFECT by any stretch is simply BETTER by a magnitude of about a BAZILLION than that Tile World Monstrosity that smart folks like Peter Bright (DrPizza) and Paul Thurrot keep trying to tell me how great it is.


It’s needlessly complicated to organize, extremely space inefficient, silly looking and I’m pretty sure it might have murdered my parents in an alley after an opera on a moonlit night!


I think it’s time MS stopped fiddling around trying to improve this colossal failure of UI/UX and RIP IT OUT by it’s multicolored hair follicles! If they would just spend a TINY bit of time improving the Original Start Menu itself it could scale MUCH better to differing amounts of installed apps. Instead they just keep on chasing this unicorn of a touch-pad/desktop hybrid OS that virtually NO ONE WANTS except MS in it’s maniacal and ultimately misguided lust of the “iPad market-share”.

It’s time Microsoft got back to what it does best and just sit down and make the best Desktop Operating System they can, cede the tablet market to Apple and Android and call it a day. After all they can still make a mint selling software and services to ALL markets!

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