Posted by: WebHobbit | August 25, 2013

Man-Thing in Fear Comic Art

Marvel’s Man-Thing character starred in issues #10-19 of the title “Adventures into Fear” before getting his own book in 1974. I just finished reading those issues and I’m now starting on Man-Thing series one (1974). I thought I would share scans of two of my favorite covers from the Man-Thing Fear issues as well as some of the great interior art. As always click on the large “thumbnails” below to load much larger high resolutions versions. Enjoy!


Fear #10 – cover art by Grey Morrow


From Fear #15 art by Val Mayerik, inks by Frank McLaughlin


From Fear #12 art by Jim Starlin, inks by Rich Buckler. I over did it a bit with Photoshop trying to bring out the blacks & color on this one. I’m not 100% happy with the result.


Art by Rich Buckler, inks by Jim Mooney


Art by Val Mayerik, inks by Chic Stone


Art by Val Mayerik, inks by Sal Trapani


Art by Val Mayerik, inks by Sal Trapani


Fear #11 cover art by Neal Adams


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