Posted by: WebHobbit | August 8, 2013

Top 100 Comicbook Covers – #15

Click the cover below to load a high-resolution 1311×2048 version:

015-King Conan-01-John Buscema

Number 15:

King Conan #1 (Marvel – 1980)

Cover art by John Buscema
Inked by Ernie Chan

At #15 in the count down is King Conan #1 from 1980. This is great one by arguably the best Conan art team ever – Big John Buscema and Ernie Chan. Chan was a “heavy” and somewhat ‘dirty” inker. His approach didn’t work great for every penciller but it went together like peanut-butter & jelly with the light sketchy pencil work that Buscema usually turned in. The only person that inked John Buscema better than Ernie Chan was John Buscema. To my knowledge he only finished his own stuff a few times but when he did it was absolute perfection. John died in 2002 -what a terrible loss to the world of comic art. I wish I could have obtained his autograph. If I would have had the chance I think this comic cover would have been my choice.

Come on back tomorrow night for #14 in the count-down of my top 100 favorite comic book covers.


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