Posted by: WebHobbit | July 10, 2013

Top 100 Comicbook Covers – #44

Click the cover below to load a high-resolution 1314×2048 version:

044-Ultimate X-05-Art Adams

Number 44:

Ultimate X #5 (Marvel – 2011)

Cover art by Art Adams

Another great Art Adams piece here. Nice contrast between the huge Hulk and the petite Jean.

Come on back tomorrow night for more in the count-down of my Top 100 favorite comic book covers.


  1. Pretty good. Both figures could look a little more impressive.


  2. To be honest, I dislike each cover of Ultimate X (the other one in the top 100 as well) but now that I see that one here and I analyse it in details… Yeah, it was a good one but I’ve difficult with the Adams’ drawing… But I would not include this one in a top 100.


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