Posted by: WebHobbit | June 23, 2013

No Time…


I never actually thought it would happen. But it did. I’m actually kinda OVER working on people’s PCs. I feel like I’m DONE chasing down and eliminating people’s malware. I’m just OVER IT. Just NOT WORTH IT. I used to enjoy all that stuff. Now it’s just yet another thing that stops me from enjoying what I really love. I guess a lot of this started when my day job employer (blue collar warehouse not PC tech) forced us all into this hellish 10 hour a day 4 day work week. I HATE IT. I have to get up at 3:15am in order to be there by 5:00am (I’m slow moving in the morning!) Sure I get Friday-Sunday off but we are building a house (every Saturday we work on that) and I do need time to do other stuff. I wish someone would just pay me to stay home and read/review/scan comic-books all day! LOL

I crunched some numbers today. Kind of depressing. I have 12 short-boxes of comics in my “unread” section….I also have that stack pictured above of trade-paperbacks/hardcovers. I buy new stuff mostly as TPBs/HCs while I’m collecting/reading all older stuff as traditional stapled comics. Altogether I have (as of right now) 1,200 comics yet to read. I can usually find the time to read about 3-5 a day. Sometimes more sometimes less. Lets use 5 as an average. At that rate it will take me 240 days to complete. The better part of a year. Now that doesn’t sound so bad on its own. But that is assuming a static number of unread books. That is simply not the case. I have so many unread boxes because I have runs/series that I am still collecting and I don’t plan to read through until I complete finding/buying them all. Those figures also don’t reflect some of the very prolific writers I tend to buy/read most of what they put out like Brian Michael Bendis for example. That guy writes books faster than I am reading them!

Sometimes I feel like that Burgess Meredith character in that Twilight Zone episode Time Enough at Last. Watch it right here if you want:

Hmmmm…..after re-watching this I feel compelled to point out that my wife is NOT in the slightest bit like the shrew married to poor Henry Bemis! In fact she supports ALL of my hobbies and treats me much better than I probably deserve on balance.


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