Posted by: WebHobbit | June 14, 2013

the Defenders -completing the collection!


I hit another milestone with my comic collection recently. I did finish reading all 152 issues of the original Marvel series. The ending was OK….and unlike a lot of cancelled books it actually DID have an ending. I think over all I prefer the following writers work on the book and probably in this order:

Steve Gerber – #20-29, 31-41 (1975-1976)
David Anthony Kraft – #45-56, 58-68 (1977-1979) -this includes one of my favorite arcs in the series “Xenogenesis: Day of the Demons” in #58-60
J. M. DeMatteis – #92-118, 120-131 (1981-1984)

defenders-60-Ed Hannigan-Dan Green



As for characters – of course I prefer the classic trio: Dr. Strange, Hulk and Sub-Mariner. But I also really like the following as members:

Nighthawk, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Silver Surfer, Gargoyle, Devil-Slayer & of course Moondragon.

Defenders-67-ed Hannigan-Bruce-Patterson



  1. Steve Gerber was the best. I’d rate DeMatteis ahead of Kraft; Kraft’s run never did much for me. DeMatteis is, I think, a really underrated writer. He’s never really ranked up with the greats, and the only time most people mention him is in association with Keith Giffen when they did JLI.

    As for favourite characters, gotta be Val and Hellcat. And Clea, despite how little she did. Namor was always an ass. Hulk was as often a liability as a help. Nightwing was an ass. Gargoyle was OK, but could be a little on the annoying side. Beast wasn’t bad. Hellstrom was an ass. Devil-Slayer was an ass.

    Man, this team had a lot of characters who were just really hard to like, now that I think about it.


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