Posted by: WebHobbit | June 11, 2013

Top 100 Comicbook Covers – #75

Click the cover below to load a high-resolution 1316×2048 version:

075-1st-Issue-Special-01-Jack Kirby

Number 75:

1st Issue Special #1 (DC – 1975)

Cover art by Jack Kirby
Inked by D. Bruce Berry

Finally at number 75 in the countdown my favorite comic-book artist of all time gives us his version of Atlas in 1st Issue Special #1. I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about this book but the cover rocks with typical frenetic Kirby action. This cover seems to MOVE…the bad guys look like they are circling around and running about while Atlas is raising and twirling one of them over his head. He looks like he is about to toss that guy across a field or something. Just awesome.

More to come!


  1. Wow. That is an unpleasant cover to look at. I hate Kirby’s art. I can’t stand it. He was tolerable in the ’60s at Marvel, but once he left Marvel, he just went straight to crap. Too many lines, too much use of specific expressions, the same silly sci-fi designs coming up all the time. I honestly don’t understand how people could actually like the crap he was doing at that point.


  2. Really? Most of the time I can totally understand your point of view even when I don’t agree….but with this one ya lost me. It almost seems like you are from another universe here & I just can’t understand.


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