Posted by: WebHobbit | May 28, 2013

Top 100 Comicbook Covers – #92

Click the cover below to load a high quality “Retina Ready” 1312×2048 version:

092-King Kong-01-Dave Stevens

Number 92:

King Kong #1 (Fantagraphic/Monster Comics – 1991)

Cover art by Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens -one of the greatest comic artists of all time delivered this amazing cover for King Kong #1. The wild-eyed ape holds the voluptuous blonde in the palm of his right hand as he brings his left in to touch her she cowers in fear. You can just tell she is about to let out an ear-busting shriek. Great stuff by a master of pinup art.

Check in tomorrow night for number #91 in the count-down of my Top 100 favorite covers.


  1. It looks like a movie poster. I’d say that’s about the best praise it can get. Very well-done.


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