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Top 100 Comicbook Covers – #94

Click the cover below to load a very high quality “Retina Ready” 1319×2048 version:

094-Witches-2-Mike Deodato

Number 94:

Witches [Limited Series] #2 (Marvel – 2004)

Cover art by Mike Deodato

I’m a sucker for most of the work Mike Deodato has done over the last 10 years or so. I’ve seen some of his ’90s stuff and like a lot of the ’90s comic art it’s kind of over the top and just not great. A lot of stuff from that dark time in comics history is rushed looking and some are down-right amateurish. Whatever short-comings he had back then he sure has come along nicely! He draws pretty females and his line work is clean and sort of organic. My favorite elements of this cover are the demons all around them, the wispy smoke and the way all three girls are staring up at the camera. Very nice. By the way if anyone out there knows who inked this please let me know via this site’s contact page or better yet in the comment section below. You can read the word “RULO” just below Deodato’s signature but I’m not familiar with him/her. I’m not sure if that’s the inker or colorist (or both). Also a first name would be nice unless of course this artist just goes by “RULO”.

Stop by tomorrow night for issue #93 in the count-down of my Top 100 favorite comic covers.


  1. It’s kinda cute. A little whimsical.


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