Posted by: WebHobbit | September 15, 2012

Back to Windows

Well I lasted about 28 days on the Mac side of computing. I’m not sure why I never bothered to post this until now. I just really missed the wealth of great apps that I used DAILY on Windows -like EditPad, IMGburn, ComicBase and most importantly Directory Opus. I’m also a bit of a “Right-Click Addict”. Having said all that I’m still NOT SOLD on Windows 8 and it’s awful “Metro/Not Metro/Modern” interface. I’m a desktop guy and I’m a Windows guy. So this spells WINDOWS 7 until Microsoft wakes up and gives up on their dream to take the “iPad” space. I have high hopes for Windows 9.


  1. I was curious to see your reaction to the Mac. You know, I just got a new Dell laptop at work and it’s pretty cool. You’re right, there are a LOT more apps available for Windows – if you can figure out how to install and uninstall them on the computer, ha-ha.


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