Posted by: WebHobbit | May 13, 2012

Future of the Desktop?

A buddy of mine recently asked why I didn’t “future proof” my wallpaper scans up to the next logical size from my current 1920×1200 to the HUGE 2560×1600. He had a point as it IS possible that One Day I may just upgrade to a 30 inch Dell Ultrasharp IPS screen that does offer 2560×1600 resolution. So starting with today’s batch of cover-scans I am saving a copy of the resulting wallpaper designs at 2560×1600 and then downsizing to 1920×1200 for current use. It just makes too much sense not to. So thanks to Jeff for that idea. But it also got me thinking about the somewhat bleak looking future of the Windows Desktop. With all this touch-centric Windows 8 Metro stuff being talked about (and currently in BETA) it really looks like high resolution desktops are being completely marginalized. Not cool.

Huge primary colored blocks tiled all over the screen instead of nice wallpaper and the forward thinking (and highly functional) “Super-Taskbar” of Windows 7 seems like a very large and very silly step BACKWARDS to me. And yes I do realize that the desktop is still there and usable….but the silly pre-school looking Metro Start Screen being the first thing you have to look at after login is enough to make this pixel loving Windows guy fear for the future of the platform. As much as I hate to say it Metro is making Mac OSX look better and better.

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