Posted by: WebHobbit | May 3, 2008

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man

We were able to see a matinee of Marvel’s Iron Man movie today! And yes it IS as good as they say it is! It was in a word: FANTASTIC. I have to say that not only is this by far the BEST Marvel super-hero move ever made but I would go so far as saying it is the greatest super-hero movie period! This is the new benchmark we will use from here on out. The depiction of the armor is spot on. Iron Man looks like he just flew straight out of a comicbook yet he also looks REAL. It’s breath taking. I loved seeing the original mark one gray armor playing such an integral role in the story too. Very cool. I also enjoyed how they tweaked the comic concept of the shrapnel near his heart bit. NICE. I really couldn’t ask more of an Iron Man movie. This looks like the beginning of a great series. Downey is PERFECT. Go see this movie. Don’t wait for the DVD. This gets my highest rating:


There is no way to really say this without revealing a bit of a spoiler. DO NOT lift your butt from the chair before ALL the end credits have rolled (felt like about 5 minutes!) or you WILL miss a killer cameo of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury!

And for you spoiler junkies I will give away two other bits but you will have to highlight the text below to read it so no one accidentally gets a spoiler:

At the end of the movie (before the credits) Tony Stark has a press conference where he reveals:

“I am Iron Man”

After the credits roll Sam Jackson is waiting for Tony in his house. He turns around and introduces himself as Nick Fury Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He tells him that he is part of a MUCH larger universe than he realizes and he needs to talk to him about the Avenger’s Initiative!

Here is the trailer:


  1. You forgot the part where Robert Downey Jr. is SEXAY!


  2. well, I haven’t watched the movie yet.
    but this post makes me wanna watch it!
    nice post 🙂


  3. Larry, just saw your mega posts..been busy! Your “highlight to see me spoiler” was showing up for me without needing to be highlighted! I already had an heads up from my son to stay and watch..and you are’s seemed like forever before those credits were done…I can’t believe with so many credits that they didn’t list all the set babies conceived during the filming!


  4. The text was visible “in the raw”? What are you using for a browser? Do you have an “old monitor” with the contrast adjusted “funny”?



  5. Crap….I just checked with Internet Explorer and it BOLDS that TEXT.


    IE is sooooo stupid. It’s invisible with Firefox!


  6. Heh…just fixed it for BOTH browsers.


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