Posted by: WebHobbit | April 6, 2008

X-Force #1, 2# -bloody good

When I heard Marvel was bringing back X-Force I thought “WHY? Why would we possibly need yet another X-Men title and why in the world X-Force?”

When I think of X-Force I have awful images come to mind of characters with big shoulder pads, huge rifles & silly, gimmicky covers. In short I think of the awful 90’s series. Then again I didn’t care a whole lot for the Milligan/Allred revamp either. I’m an old school Uncanny fan myself. But I DO love me some Wolverine! And this new X-Force has plenty of that Hairy Little Mutant. In fact Wolverine LEADS this new team of non-X-Men (X-Men don’t kill, he explains in issue 1).

X-Force #1 & #2

I’d be lying if I was to say as a short man myself seeing Logan leading the team didn’t bring a smile to my face. What can I say? A short man needs short heroes -in both this world and the Marvel Universe. The plot involves the team going after the mutant hating Purifiers. Cyclops (cameos in both issues) explains he doesn’t want to wait around for the Purifier’s next move -he actually wants them ELIMINATED. As in KILLED.

This is a rather violent book featuring a bunch of blade wielders who have no problem killing. The line up for the first two issues are:


It has some fabulous art by Clayton Crain -an artist I first experienced in the Top Cow limited series Universe. I really enjoyed the first two issues of X-Force. I recommend picking it up, but not if you’re squeamish! I should point out that despite the action and gore some of the best stuff in these two issues are the character moments between Cyclops and Wolverine. Like this one from #1:


Or this one from issue #2:

Xavier Junior!

Good stuff from writers Craig Kyle & Chris Yost!


I have to wonder how long the title can go on though as it definitely feels more like a really good & tight mini-series than an ongoing. But I’ll stick with it as long as it stays this good.

Do pick it up.

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