Preludes & Origins



The LoneGeekmen began as a simple idea for a funny picture. I was always a big fan of the three goofy, bumbling yet cool hacker characters on the X-Files who publish an underground conspiracy newspaper called “the LoneGunman”. When they spun off into their own funny (yet short lived) series they had a really cool logo that featured the little guy standing between the two taller ones. I thought it would be amusing to pose in a similar manner between my much taller buddies ElmoH and Glocksman…then we’d just have our other friend “Innuendo” (more on him later) take a picture with his digicam. I figured it would be good for a nice self-deprecating laugh over at the Arstechnica Forums where I often hang out.


Innuendo thought we looked pretty ridiculous and could barely contain his laughter as he took the picture. That’s when he said:

“You all look more like the LoneGeekmen!”

That was it! We had our title!


We had all met at Elmo’s place to help him upgrade (and Network)him and his brother’s PCs & eat some Pizza. Just for the hell of it we decided to document the whole event in pictures. I’m not really sure why we didn’t get any photos of the pizza…

Ars Thread – the LoneGeekmen — Episode One

Ars Thread – The LoneGeekmen — Episode Two

Ars Thread – The LoneGeekmen — Episode Three

These threads were way more popular than we ever thought possible. Episode One got the attention of SomethingAwful’s Cliff Yablonski.


Episode Two not only got a cool mention on the front page of Arstechnica (scroll all the way down) but we got hit by Cliff again! Although I have to say I think ole Cliff kinda ran out of ideas this second time as I found the caption he wrote for my picture pretty lame and unfunny while the first one was a sarcastic jab that had real punch because some of what he said rang true (at least a bit).

And lastly I must say a few words about the enigmatic Fourth LoneGeekmen. His handle is Innuendo. He has served as the LoneGeekmen’s Guide to some of the darker sides of the ‘Net as well as being a vast knowledge base of arcane PC hardware/software lore. Hell, he introduced me to Arstechnica though he is not a member there himself. He chooses to remain behind the scenes and un-photographed. But, I DID manage to find a rare old snapshot I took of him several years ago, but rather than risk his wrath by blatantly going against his desire for anonymity I will just post his silhouette.


— WebHobbit 9:20 PM 01/06/2002

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