Episode Two – two in the woods

posted by WebHobbit on April 01, 2001 00:00

At long last Episode Two of the LoneGeekmen is here!

This time it was just me and Glocksman as ElmoH couldn’t make it. Innuendo wasn’t there with the digital camera either so we took the pics with Glocksman’s 35mms. You’ll notice a lot more pictures of me because Glocksman did most of the actual photography. There are 28 pics total that we decided to use (from 3 rolls of 24 shot). They are jpegs totally 2.3 megs. So dial-up users beware. This may take a while.


The mission this time was to destroy some old hardware and a couple of pieces of “evil” software. Those three cards are dead NICs. Two Linksys and one c-net. Real turds. That big long card is an old Cirrus ISA video-card. Below that is a 60mm fan.

The cast:


Glocksman…shown here with his Winchester Pump Shotgun. It has a slick Robar-NP3 finish.


WebHobbit…shown here with my Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Magnum. (yes, that is a BluesBrothers T-Shirt)


We hauled all the junk, guns and ammo back behind the levee in a wooded area that seems to serve as a local “shooting range”.


This little pond/swamp served as a good “back-stop”.

Glocksman posted the following Technical Notes on April 01, 2001 00:18:

Cameras used:

Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm P&S
Minolta HTsi+ 35mm SLR 28-80mm Maxxum Lens
Minolta 5400HS flash unit
Film was Fujicolor Superia 400
Film processing was at the local CVS 1 hour minilab.
Scanner used was WH’s Microtek ScanMaker 3600.

Firearms used:


Glock 19 9mm parabellum with preban magazines and factory nite sites.
Winchester 1300 Defender 12 gauge shotgun with Robar NP3 finish.
Ruger 22/45 .22LR target pistol
Taurus PT22 .22LR carry pistol
I left my Smith .45 and .38 Centennial at home this time around.


Smith & Wesson model 686 .357 Magnum revolver w/4 inch barrel.


Target number one. A shitty Inwin Mini-tower case.


Glocksman takes aim with the shotgun.




It’s VERY effective.


I’d call that a success!




A couple of shots of the guns and ammo used.


That Winchester ammo is 110 grain full-power .357 Magnum semi-jacketed hollow points. The same stuff I keep both my revolvers loaded with for self-defense purposes.


Another good shot of the Winchester Pump.


WebHobbit taking aim at the big video-card.


I think it’s dead Jim.


The little fan was a bit harder to hit.


Until I concentrated and used the Force.


Glocksman made “Glockamolie” out of this nasty AOL floppy.


While Glocksman took down the floppy I took out the even MORE nasty CD!


I guess I don’t get the 700 free hours.


This next evil was so powerful it took the combined efforts of both heroes to bring it down:

Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0!!!!!!!


Finally we decided to get a little standard target practice in before calling it a day.


I had not been shooting in several months so I was a bit rusty. (


This was the best group I could manage that day. Not real tight but good enough for self-defense. Distance was a combat realistic 25 feet. All shots were fired Double-Action and the ammunition was the aforementioned full-power Winchester 110 grain .357 stuff.


Glocksman did better but he has been practicing more.


This area was already pretty trashed when we got here but we still felt it was important that we NOT add to this, so we took a few minutes to pick up all the trash that we created. And even some we didn’t.


That Inwin case barely fit in the garbage bag even after I folded it.


This shot of me “policing” the area for our trash shows just how bad some of the locals with even “redder” necks than ours have littered and dumped the place up.

Kinda sad really.

One day there probably won’t be any places like this left around here to shoot. We do have one indoor range here in Evansville Indiana but it aint the same as being out in the woods.

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