Shield 9mm


My new carry gun is a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm. I have two to facilitate a rotation and to prolong the life of the handgun. I’ve also considered the possibility of having to use one in a self defense situation. If that ever happens the police WILL take the gun into evidence and it could be sometime before it is returned. So for me I will always have twin carry guns if I can help it.


The Shield 9mm is a svelte little wisp of a gun. It has a single stack magazine that holds either 7 (flush fit) or 8 (with pinky extension) rounds of 9mm ammunition. I don’t bother with the 7 rounder as I prefer to have the full grip. I never could stand a “pinky dangler”. It’s light and flat and with it’s 3.1 inch barrel it is a true snub-nose pistol. To me it is the modern day evolution of the classic Detective’s snub-nosed revolver.


It conceals easily with a pancake style holster. This is me & my Bianchi leather:


Full power 9mm in such a small gun did take some practice.



After nearly 800 rounds spread over 4 sessions this is my best effort so far:


I’m pretty pleased with this. This is an 8 shot group fired at a medium to fast pace at a distance of 29 feet. The clover looking hole on the left is actually 3 rounds in one. I like it but the practice WILL continue.

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