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I have over 1,200 images in my Windows wallpaper folder. Several hundred of those I made from my own scans or photos but most are scanned from comicbook art. I have posted some of these to this blog and will likely post many more going forward. You can always get the full list of my posts containing wallpaper images by clicking here:

My main PC is a desktop I built myself with an HP LP2475w IPS LCD monitor. This is a 24 inch widescreen with a resolution of 1920×1200. So naturally I make my wallpapers exactly this size. In my opinion this is the “Holy Grail” of desktop resolutions because it includes and exceeds the HD spec of 1920×1080. I especially enjoy the added height of 1200 pixels over the standard TV resolution LCDs. I used to post my wallpapers in multiple sizes but I think it makes sense to only go with this one. It’s trivial to re-size it down for smaller screens using a variety of free software including the excellent (if quirky)

For the uninitiated (read – “Non Geek”) out there they may or may not understand what their Desktop Resolution is. It’s best if you know and understand a bit about resolutions and aspect ratios for optimal results. A made a separate page that goes into some detail about screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Check it out here:

– WebHobbit explains Resolution & Aspect Ratio –

Most of my wallpapers feature a panel, page, cover or portion of a cover off-set on a colored/textured background. All of them were made with Adobe Photoshop. The off-set and placement is there due to my own very specific taste and design beliefs. Basically I don’t “believe in” desktop icons. 🙂 I really don’t use them. I’m running Windows 7 now but I’ve ran like this since Windows XP Service Pack 2 or so. I like my desktop pretty clean with a few exceptions. I use TWO Desktop Gadgets -the Weather app and the Slide show app. I run both in large mode. I like them placed on the extreme right of the screen. This was a habit I picked up back in the Vista days when the gadgets were snapped to the sidebar by default. Windows 7 removed the sidebar but the habit remained. I also like my taskbar at the default size & location, unhidden and always present. So with these elements in place in order NOT to obscure the featured art we need about 375 pixels cleared on the right and at least 40 pixels across the entire bottom for the taskbar. If these requirements seem a little maniacal and a bit OCD that’s probably because it IS.


As with most things involving graphics it’s easier to SHOW than explain with words. So here are ten example wallpaper images. Listed first is the image as it appears set as my desktop wallpaper and then immediately following that is the same image naked.

Click on the thumbnails to load the full-size 1920×1200 images:

Panel scanned from Marvel’s Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2. Art by Jerome Opena. Words by Gregg Hurwitz.

Panel scanned from Marvel’s Captain America: Reborn #5. Art by Bryan Hitch & Butch Guice. Words by Ed Brubaker.

Cover image scanned from TopCow’s Tomb Raider #3. Art by Andy Park & Jonathan Sibal.

Cover image scanned from IDW’s Angel: Blood & Trenches #3. Art by John Byrne.

Panels scanned from Dark Horse’s Conan the Cimmerian #12. Art by Tomas Giorello. Words by Robert E. Howard and Tim Truman.

Panel scanned from Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #604. Art by Barry Kitson. Words by Fred Van Lente.

Panels scanned from Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men #33. Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning. Words by Warren Ellis.

Cover scanned from Marvel’s Iron Man (2005) #1. Art by Adi Granov.

Panel scanned from Marvel’s Captain America (2005) #13. Art by Steve Epting & Mike Perkins. Words by Ed Brubaker.

Cover scanned from Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #24. Art by Jo Chen.


  1. The last buffy cover- looks like the actress Nikki Reed!
    My eye’s didn’t glaze over reading your article so I proclaim it non-geek friendly.


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