Posted by: WebHobbit | July 11, 2015

Garage Stereo

So my daughter upgraded her car deck to one with front USB/AUX ports. I told her I wanted the “old one”. It’s not so old. A Pioneer that reads CDs – regular audio and MP3 burns. I had read online that you could in fact run a car deck off of a standard PC ATX Power Supply. So after a little research I got a wire diagram from a Pioneer PDF and I was ready. Well almost ready. I needed some speakers. So I hit Amazon and got a pretty nice pair of Clarion 6.5 inch round coaxials for $35.00. I decided this would become my ‘Garage Stereo’. This should prove a good companion when cleaning my guns or whatever project that leads me to spend time out there. I used a spare Sparkle Power brand 350 watt ATX PSU I had in my parts bin to power it. I decided to install the entire system inside an upper cabinet in my tool area.


Was a fairly easy install. Wiring was simple:

On the PSU – one green wire + black wire are spliced to allow unit to work with no PC switch. One yellow gets spliced to a yellow and red from the deck
for power and “simulated ignition”. One black from PSU gets spliced to a black from the deck for ground. Then you just wire speakers as normal and it’s all done.

It helps to use a GOOD quality Power Supply Unit like I did that has plenty of power and an external switch.



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