Posted by: WebHobbit | January 6, 2015

BBQ Fritos are BACK

Free at last…free at last….from the bonds of a silly regional black-out that is! I got a call a few days ago from a buddy of mine. He said the Walmart on Evansville’s West Side (here in Indiana)had a whole display FULL of the original Barbecued Fritos – and I asked him if he was sure. I didn’t wanna get too excited by the premise of the BBQ Crunch Fantastic and then later be deflated by the sight of those nasty “twist” things. He was correct. They are the real deal. As of today they have a full display thing of them right at the front of the grocery section and the following rack back in the chip aisle:


For the record I bought 3 bags ($2.50 each)….I would have bought 10 but I am trying to lose some weight!

So whats all this hub-bub about? Read this:

So the big question is:

Are they truly back? All over this area or was this a fluke delivery? Please post any sightings in previously blacked out areas!

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