Posted by: WebHobbit | April 22, 2014

LoneGeekmen archived


So today I completed something that I should have done a long time ago. I converted/adapted all three “episodes” of “the LoneGeekmen” series from 2001-2002 to fit within a set of pages here on my blog:

This was a photo-story thing I did (along with three close friends) way back when for the Arstechnica Messageboards. It got us a LOT of attention for a little while -mostly good and some bad. Most people took it for what it was – a goofy, silly little thing and a whole lotta fun. Some folks (I’m looking at you Cliff Yablonski) just didn’t get it. Whatever. You can’t please everyone!

It’s just too bad I couldn’t locate ANY of the original “high rez” images (1600×1200+). All I could find were the down-sized versions that I used to appease the many broad-band deprived dial-up users of that time (2001-2002). So the photos are pretty tiny (500-600 pixels wide) by today’s standards. But at least they are archived pretty much as they appeared back in those old Ars Lounge threads.

Not long ago I tried to convince the other three members of the team to agree to allow the LoneGeekmen to live on as a monthly YouTube show. My concept was a cross between TechTV’s Silicon Spin and Fox TV’s the Five. But alas no one but my self seemed to have any interest. So I guess the LoneGeekmen are done for now but their first three “adventures” are archived here for your pleasure.


  1. I do believe someone else was interested in doing that project.
    You know the narcissist one who could pass as a muppet character.


  2. Really? I didn’t think you replied to that email. Well two could work I think. And sometimes we could possibly get the others on board?


    • Remember we talked on the phone, didn’t see the need to follow up with email.


  3. Yeah, that’s right. I stand corrected.


    • I’m disappointed that you didn’t mention that I’d lost 140 pounds since those photos were taken. 🙂


  4. And I’m glad you finally responded here!


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