Posted by: WebHobbit | April 20, 2014

Changes & Updates


So I’m in the process of dumping my old host (HostRocket) and simply letting handle all of my web-based needs. I don’t do anything with anymore anyway except let it flip you over to here. That and of course for email. I’m going to let Google take care of the email server stuff for both domains now as they seem to have one of the most reliable email systems on the planet. That and I get it all done for free anyway since I got in on the Google Apps for biz services BEFORE they started charging!

So I searched through ALL the posts (and pages) on this site and I only found ONE that had images hosted on the Hostrocket servers. And that was the very first post date-wise:

Wizard World Chicago 2005

So I replaced/updated all of those pics with photos hosted here on WordPress. I also took this opportunity to use the highest rez versions I had on my hard-drive. So most of these photos got a big boost in size and quality. That’s the GOOD news from this change. The bad news is that many years worth of Forum Shenanigans will be lost as the images I WAS hosting over at the other host will be GONE from the various message-board posts after I turn OFF the Hostrocket account.

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