Posted by: WebHobbit | March 23, 2014

Monkey Ships and Pedophiles…

What is the connection to the Evansville Public Zoo and the famous pedophile novel Lolita?

It seems the main character (the dude that is) at one point is remembering places and things he visited with Lolita. He mentions a concrete replica of the Santa Maria that monkeys lived on in a zoo in Indiana! There is only ONE of them…and it is still here but they decided a few years ago that it wasn’t a very safe/good place for monkeys to live. I learned that with a quick Google that led me to this 2006 Blog Post:

What brought this on?

I’m finally getting back to my massive photo scanning project. This is where I have vowed to scan each and every picture my wife and I have taken before we went digital. This is a HUGE project that I started nearly two years ago and I’ve decided cannot be neglected any longer! Originally this was about 2.5 shoe boxes of snapshots…I’m down to one now. Anyway I just finished editing this one we took sometime in the early 90’s (click for larger version):


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