Posted by: WebHobbit | September 21, 2013

Image File Angst…the iPad and iOS 7


So I got iOS7 installed on my iPhone 4S and my iPad 4(Retina). It’s…FINE….really it is. I have few complaints and the ones I have are minor:

1) Parallax Effect on the wallpaper – I LIKE it but seriously Apple why did you enable this for images that are TOO SMALL for the effect??? After MUCH Googling and trial and error experimentation I got the answers to the mystery with no help from Apple or any of their websites. Basically the effect requires a wallpaper that is 200 pixels larger on all sides or it WILL DISTORT your image as it scales it UP. So a typical iPad Retina wallpaper will need to be 2448×2448 in size.

2) If you are going to do a sweeping change like this in look and feel then you MUST change ALL of the major app icons! What are you doing here pulling a Microsoft? Some icons are looking OLD and others looking NEW on the SAME SCREEN??? WTF Apple? You are supposed to be the company of Design Consistency

3) Safari now ONLY shows the top level domain of the page you are on. WHY???????????? What if I want/need to know exactly where I am? I could live with this as a default but there should be a way of turning this bit of crazy OFF.

I originally bought my iPad for a couple of specific purposes:

1) To make my comic-book collection data portable in a nice readable format. Thanks to CollectorZ Comic Collector I have accomplished that nicely.

2) To make our family photos and all my comic art scans portable in a nice high rez format. This one option is the ONLY reason I got the 32 GB over the 16! But I mostly have failed at this one because of two things:

a) iOS doesn’t support Nested Folders and sub-folders
b) iOS doesn’t support viewing or editing file names and the built in apps wont let you view the metadata either!

I was hoping beyond hope that this iOS update might help with the Photo Management thing…but NO. How the hell has Apple got the reputation over the last 25 years as being the premiere software company with platforms for Photographers and Artists when Windows has FAR more and FAR better image handling software available for free and paid???? I had a similar reaction when I briefly tried out Mac OSX. Oh well I may have to try some third party apps for Photo Management. Photo Shack HD looks like it could do the trick. Maybe.


  1. I’m increasingly glad I waited to upgrade my iPhone 5 to see how things with iOS 7 really went. I’ve decided to stick with iOS 6, and I’ll probably never upgrade. I see no point in having a flat interface (hell, my Amiga 1000 back in the day looked better than this), so unless and until they let me keep something that doesn’t look like a crumpled makeup-removal rag from the clown tent at the circus, then they can keep it.

    I’m already trying to figure out some software options to migrate all the crap (music, podcasts, videos, tv shows) that I have in iTunes off to whatever else I need to make the Android phones work correctly with it. If that even exists, for all I know thus far.


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