Posted by: WebHobbit | February 5, 2012

Nicole Vaughn

Nicole Vaughn

You seen the new McDonald’s commercial? It’s in HEAVY rotation so you must have. It’s for some new smaller version of the Chicken McNugget. The crappy food isn’t important though. The song playing in the background is just crazy good/catchy. It’s quite mellow but somehow I still LOVE it. Anyway it’s very reminiscent of the Indie duo Tegan & Sara. You all aint too old or too square to know who they are – are you? 🙂 If you don’t know you should seek them out. Anyway at first I thought it might be them so I googled the crap out of it and found out it’s by an unsigned band out of Orange County California (that’s right the OC!) called Nicole Vaughn and Her Lovely Band.

I just love her. The music is categorized on her CDBaby account as ‘Folk Rock-Americana’ and I suppose that’s accurate. It’s hard to slot it in though as there are elements of Country-Rock-Blues-Rock-a-Billy, etc. Go to her website and listen for your self. I did and I ended up buying two albums worth of MP3s. Linkage below:

Info about the commercial

CDBaby page

BandCamp page

And look at this live performance! Awesome blistering slide guitar:

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