Posted by: WebHobbit | August 12, 2011

BBQ Fritos….. (found!)


So it dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t been able to find barbecued flavor Fritos anywhere in what must be 6 months or more. So I did a little Googling and one of the first hits was this Facebook page:

It turns out that for some bizarre reason Frito Lay has this weird “distribution black-out” with that one specific flavor. Whole or partial states are completely left off the deliver list but ONLY for that flavor. It’s very strange. Like for example around here (47714 zip, Evansville, IN) ALL you will find in stores are: Original, Chili-Cheese and those silly Honey BBQ Twist things. Frankly I don’t even count the twists as “real Fritos”. And the Chili-Cheese are good for about 5 crunches and then they start to make me kinda nauseous. For me it’s gotta be the BBQ! So clearly I HAD to find the BBQ. I wanted some before but now that I learn some “blackout” is keeping them from me….well it was time for a Quest! So naturally I first hit the web. I did find a few online vendors that would sell me a case at an “OK” price. But a case isn’t really what I wanted as I do eat healthy now on all but two days out of the week. Eventually I ended up here:

My first trip I tried the closest hits on the map and they had ZERO of the elusive BBQ variant despite Frito Lay corp saying they did. I was not happy! Yesterday I expanded the search to include Owensboro, KY. And I am happy to report success! I scored 6 full size bags at the following location:

“Hometown IGA store #21” 201 Carter Rd, Owensboro, KY 42301

It did take a 40 minute drive but they were on sale 2 for $4.00.

I just wanted to share my find for any more BBQ Frito starved souls out there! They DO still make ’em -you just may have to take a drive depending on where you live.


  1. I found them in a vending machine in the D.C. area two weeks ago. So they are in small bags too. They don’t seem to be available anywhere in California.


  2. “I did find a few online vendors that would sell me a case at an “OK” price.”

    Could you list the vendors that sell them. I’ll buy a case, they aren’t in all.


  3. Too funny, i was just talking to my girlfriend about the same “problem” not having BBQ Fritos around and she found this article. I live in Chicago and have not seen BBQ Fritos in years anywhere in the city or suburbs. Last time i found some was at a Food 4 Less out by Melrose Park. I did find a site that sells snacks for vending machines and they sell the BBQ Fritos by the case. I think i might have to buy a case or 2 and start selling them in the ‘hood to turn a profit like a drug dealer lol! “Got them BBQ Fritos yo, how many you need?”


  4. They’re my, rather, they were my favorite. I can’t find them in AZ either. Only the insanely hot variety that I don’t care for.


  5. yup – can’t buy them in Hawaii for years now. When I traveled to Pennsylvania last year I came home with 14 full sized bags in my suitcase! Now they are not available there either. We need to shout out to Frito Lay and get them back!!!!


    • Bensalem Pa Acme and Giant have them


  6. Found 9 0z. bags at
    Getting ready to order a bunch of them. DH is a firefighter and that was one of the favorite snacks at the firehouse, until sometime last year when they just disappeared from the entire state of Ohio!


  7. anybody know where to buy them close to Dallas Texas?


  8. Contacted Frito-Lay about this issue. I was told that the barbecue flavor is not sold in the same area as the Chili Cheese flavor. They also directed me to Amazon, however amazon had none. Its been at least 5yrs….I will not give up on my quest for Fritos Bar-b-q!!


  9. Try:


  10. Amazon has them now, but the price is crazy. I have friends in KY that are going to bring me some when they come to visit. I wish I knew which states they are sold in.


  11. i like them both, seems like a loss in revenue not to sell them both everywhere. i often switched up. other times i would mix them. almost as bad as losing a good friend.


  12. I found an extremely similar alternative where I live and there are none: WISE: BA-B-QUE FLAVOR CORN CHIPS. I found them at the dollar tree and they are delicious!


  13. I wish you would bring bbq corn hips to Cuba Mo.


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