Posted by: WebHobbit | July 29, 2010

Facebook sucks

Well I deleted my Facebook account today. Actually I found out with a little Googling that the way it works is you submit a deletion request and then they deactivate the account for 14 days before actual deletion. If you log in AT ALL during the 14 days the deletion is canceled.

I didn’t use the thing much at all. The problem was even after having my FB using daughter Kristan “go over” my privacy settings I was still getting HAMMERED with “friend requests” (via email which of course I do use) from tons and tons of folks I don’t even know! And much of them didn’t look like “real people” anyway. The profile pics looked like lame soft porn pics or something (GirlsGoneWild?) Apparently since Facebook expanded beyond the College crowd it’s out of control and is now becoming the ugly mess that MySpace was. Looks to me like the managament isn’t even trying to repel spammers or maintain any sort of “good taste” control with these profiles I’m seeing.

As a social commentary aside I’d also like to mention that I actually had several “friend requests” from real people…..but from people that DON’T KNOW ME IN THE SLIGHTEST but have perhaps seen my face in the hallway at work but have NEVER spoken a WORD TO ME. Also (and I’m not trying to sound like a super-hero here) I have received more than a few friend requests from what can only be described as my “Arch Enemies”. People that I OPENLY DISLIKE and who PURPORT TO OPENLY HATE ME.

WHAT THE HELL??? Why are people so desperate to drive up their “Friend Count”???? Do you win prizes or Paypal cash if you reach a certain number???????????


  1. Now Larry, who “openly hates” a nice guy like you? You should go shoot that bastard, ha-ha.

    I can really relate to this post. I have a Facebook page that I never use (except for the last few days, where I decided to shamelessly plug my new web site, And I look at some of my “friends” and I say, uh, who the hell are these people?

    Just the fact that it’s so hard to delete should tell us all something.


  2. I see it as a necessary evil. My kids do their chatting and interacting on there, so I go on there to communicate with them — and to just be aware of what their doing… to be part of that world with them.

    I also don’t get spam (?) – maybe it’s a guy thing. I know it was on MySpace.

    The site does kind of suck though, because it’s gotten to big and out of hand. Twitter went through the same thing – it used to be pretty cool, but now it’s just massive and stupid.


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