Posted by: WebHobbit | February 13, 2010

Netbooks – silly little things

So the other day I went to the doctor. Of course I had to spend some time in the waiting room. For what I guess is the first time in “real life” I actually seen someone using a tiny Netbook casually in a public place. It looked absolutely RIDICULOUS. It was your typical 10 inch Netbook being used by an average looking college age guy. I’ve been looking at Netbooks online and in stores for over a year now. I came very close to buying one for myself and finally opted at the last minute to buy a cheap FULL-SIZE laptop instead. That choice was mainly due to my dislike of the Atom CPU that most of the minis use. That and the lack of resolution and all the other shortcomings that go along with making something so small (and so cheap). It just looked so comically SILLY seeing a normal sized dude using a tiny “toy” laptop. It was kind of like the way it looks when you see a large adult male riding a child’s dirt bike through the city (not talking professional BMX here). But mainly I kept hearing ONE baritone phrase in my head as I watched that guy cramped over his tiny Netbook:


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