Posted by: WebHobbit | February 7, 2010

post from a feverish mind

So I’m sick now. Of course this is how it happens. Blow ALL your “use ’em anyway you want sick-days” AND THEN really get sick. I’ll have to miss work tomorrow and go the Doc. I have a fever, chills & a nasty cough. Right at this moment I feel pretty good though. The symptoms come and go. So last night I had a weird fever-induced dream. I dreamed Kristy Swanson was trying to seduce me! LOL. She follows me (and my Wife) to some desolate country home where we are having some family get-together with my Wife’s relatives. Kristy has some leering Agent/Producer type following her around the whole time. At some point she pops out from behind a shower curtain in a bathroom. Then it’s revealed that her entire upper-torso is covered with garish tattoos! Most bizarre! I’m a happily married hobbit and I aint even really into blondes much. I blame it on the fever. Anyway when not shivering under blankets and dreaming about starlets of yesteryear I have done some web-surfing and discovered a couple of gems I can share with the world:

A Softer World – cool and quirky web-comic told in a three-panel photo arrangement. Really good stuff. Some of it seems pointless, some of it is sad & some of it is funny. It will ALL make you think. Good stuff.

The Runaways – official web-site for the pioneering all-girl hard-rock group that featured a VERY young Joan Jett and Lita Ford. This site also links to the official site for the upcoming movie which is here:

The Runaways Official Movie Site

Rich Johnston has the new Red Band Trailer for Kick-Ass linked up here:

Bleeding Cool -Kick-Ass Trailer

Heidi MacDonald’s comicbook news Blog “The Beat” has moved from it’s former home at Publisher’s Weekly to it’s own domain:


  1. My very understanding wife knows I have a thing for Jenna Elfman as Dharma Freedom Montgomery, née Finkelstein, from the TV show Dharma and Greg.
    I have had dreams about her too!
    I hope you are up and about soon.
    I made a trip to the doctor on Friday for my asthma again.
    I am back on the steroids again. As many of those as I have taken, over these many years, I should be batting .333 and have a $10,000,000 contract!



  2. It’s the cold medicine, not the fever itself.
    Some of my best (read: most realistic) dreams happened while I was sick using Nyquil and/or benadryl.

    IOW, you are not a perv.
    Lucky bastard, yes.
    Perv, no.


  3. You better get better and be at work on Tuesday!!!!!!


  4. Maybe you should lay off the doritos(HAHAHA)


    • I’m sure that’s right! Actually the pic is from last year. 🙂


  5. Heh..
    As an aside, doesn’t that “I’m with COCO” graphic make O’Brien look like something Buffy would slay?


  6. Wow, little hobbiz. You don’t have to share everything. Like I’m such a Twihard I know all about the Cherry Bomb movie with little Dakota Fanning playing Cherri and Kristen Steward playing Joan Jett. Both Cherri and Joan were close by in the making of it. It’s based on Cherri’s book and both say no they did not have dog pooh throw at them.


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