Posted by: WebHobbit | January 16, 2010

Sarah Palin -also & too

I REALLY want to like Sarah Palin. Actually I DO like her. But at the same time I’m embarrassed by her and FOR HER. As a conservative leaning Libertarian I’m embarrassed by her awkward and down right terrible grammar. What’s the deal with “ALSO & TOO” ? REALLY????? Sarah on Fox We need to say both “ALSO and TOO”??? When she first came on the scene I felt sorry for her. She seemed kind of dumped out there in front of the cameras with little to no prep and the attacks from the left were vicious and uncalled for. So this is just really unfortunate that Fox News decided to make her a “pundit”. This is NOT HELPING us. The more the poor woman speaks the less intelligent she appears and by association the less intelligent WE appear. I do NOT mean this as an attack -I really don’t. This is just a little heart-felt advice from your friendly neighborhood WebHobbit. I just wish she would stop talking. That really sums it up for me. Sarah -if you see a camera -STOP TALKING. Don’t give interviews and stop trying to be a “Pundit”. I don’t know what more to say. I feel kind of scummy for even posting this.



  1. She’s dumb.


  2. If Glenn Beck and Sarah “I can’t name a founding father” Palin are the great libertarian hopes, we’re screwed.

    PJ O’Rourke for president!


  3. Well…clearly they are NOT.


  4. I used to love PJ O’Rourke’s stuff in Rolling Stone.


  5. I should give you my copy of “Parliament of Whores”, it’s dated – but it’s hilarious. Next time I’m over there, I’ll throw some PJ books at you.


    • I’ve read most of PJ’s stuff and when he’s on target he’s very funny.
      It’s when he’s off target that you get a ‘laughing at widows and orphans’ vibe from him.


  6. Does this mean that now you’re buying the liberal propaganda that portrays Sarah Palin as being unintelligent, self-centered, and generally out in la la land?

    I’m glad you are because its not propaganda but the self evident truth.


  7. No need to feel scummy. If you want to hear bad grammar all you have to do is listen to some of these so called “professional’ radio and tv commentators. Their most blatant errors usually involve saying “UM” after every other word they speak.
    And ‘um’ that’s the ‘um’ truth.



  8. I’ll take a dozen Sarah’s and day over a single NancyP or BarbaraB! “Dontchaknow?”


    • True enough…but they aint on “my team”.


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