Posted by: WebHobbit | July 11, 2009

Old friends…

So I’m at the grocery store a while ago minding my own business. And I look up & see Bill Wiist. He speaks first:

Hey you’re Larry Robertson!

Yep he remembers me. He wants to know if I’m on Facebook. He wisely surmises that I am NOT. I instinctively reach for a business card but then I realize -I’m at the grocery with NO PANTS. Not naked but you know when you run for what is supposedly a quick trip to the store and you’re still wearing your comfortable “no one will see me that I know clothes”? For me this is a pair of black shorts and a really soft gray t-shirt. The shorts have NO POCKETS. So I leave the wallet, business card holder and cell-phone in the car. I have some cash stuffed in the shirt’s breast pocket and I’m carrying my car key, pen and list in hand. So I quickly scrawl on a sliver of paper ripped from my grocery list & hand it to him.

A little background here. Bill Wiist was a high school friend of mine. We were pretty tight back then. Granted it WAS 24 years ago but we have had a few “run ins” since. Each time we speak but he doesn’t tend to ever follow up. Last time it was at BAM (Books-a-Million). I gave him my contact info and he never emailed or nothin’. I documented the encounter on my old blog.

So I guess the point of this silly post is simply to call him out.

HEY BILL! I added you to ComicBase.  So if not for me you would not be indexed in the Worlds Largest ComicBook Database. So the least you can do is email me and say thanks.


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