Posted by: WebHobbit | February 21, 2009

Of Keyboards….


Here is what I have learned:


2) Microsoft tends to have the highest overall quality. They JUST WORK and are very reliable/durable

3) I slightly prefer “cupped” keys over ultra flat ones.

4) Media Keys really are a Good Thing and shouldn’t be feared/ridiculed
(obviously this applies ONLY if they are tastefully up and out of the way)

5) The MS Digital Media Pro Keyboard is STILL my favorite and it’s what I’m using now.

6) I have wasted 40 bucks now on the Logitech UltraX

a) the first one did not enjoy the refreshing lemonade I served it
b) the second one had a sticking space bar for no apparent reason

BTW, if this sound overly familiar it could be because I previously professed my MS Love here:


  1. I bought the Logitech G15 on discount at Circuit City, only for the lighted keys. Now I can type and not have to turn on the lights and wake up my wife.


  2. I have wasted plenty of money on the “cheapest” end of the keyboard scale. I am tired of the sticking keys and the simply not working keys. I’ve learned I don’t need a wireless keyboard. I’ve had nothing but good things to say about my Microsoft keyboard. My mouse a cheap wireless that lets you know when the battery is dead when it doesn’t work anymore. It was left over from my last wireless keyboard..and yes I am that damn cheap!


  3. The one currently in my laptop sucks.


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