Posted by: WebHobbit | July 5, 2008

The Website is down!

Elmo sent me a link to one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. It’s called “The Website is Down” and involves an IT guy dealing with some less than savvy clients while trying to play online games. It’s fantastic. Elmo had sent me a link to the Blip TV version which had great quality but went down under heavy loads. Then later he sent me the YouTube version which always works…but suffers the usual so-so video quality. Today I found this:

The version playing there is BEAUTIFUL. So go watch it there. I won’t even bother trying to embed it here when the quality will suffer.

Also be sure and play with the Desktop link at the top right. Most amusing. Be sure and select A as your password!


  1. Dude that was pretty sweet.


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