Posted by: WebHobbit | May 18, 2008

Firefox 3rc1 – primetime ready

Firefox 3 rc1

Sometime ago a buddy of mine (my own Tech Guru who goes by the handle of Innuendo) urged me to try the latest beta build of Firefox 3. He said it was “release worthy”. And boy was he right! I just installed release client 1 and it truly rocks! This thing is FAST. I don’t remember the back/forward buttons on a web-browser being this responsive since the “good old days” of Netscape 3.x…you know way back before bloat become a way of life.

Go get it here:

By the way I borrowed some art from the beautiful first run page for the graphic for this post. See the original right after you install RC1. Or if you don’t wanna wait it’s right here:


  1. I think I need to go install that now…


  2. Yep…you should!


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