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Kimmy – In Memoriam


My sister Kimmy (or Kim as she preferred) died Saturday, April 19, 2008. Full obit here

She was the youngest of my 4 sisters and consequently she was the one I was closest to. She moved 650 miles away (Louisiana) many years ago so we hadn’t been as close in a long time. But we did exchange emails now and then. We also seen each other last Thanksgiving. But sadly I NEVER did make it down there for that visit she always wanted and had repeatedly asked me to take. It’s a really sad admission I have to make that I NEVER made the grueling 10 hour drive until she was terminal in the hospital…then a week later I made the trek again only this time to the visitation at the funeral home.

My first trip down I got to see the house she was proud of and meet her two dogs. On my second trip I got to meet some of her in-laws. They were very sweet and really took great care of my grieving Mom. I also got to see first hand just how many friends she had. There was quite literally a LINE forming to get into the visitation area. It was a graphic testament to just how well liked she was as dozens and dozens of friends streamed in offering hugs and tears to the family and extended family strewn about the room.

Kimmy and husband Chris in El Paso

I didn’t cry a whole lot and I’m not one to talk a lot about grief but I think I CAN write a bit about what she meant to me.

Mom & Dad, me & Kimmy at Elvis's House

I credit Kimmy with fostering in me several things:

  • a somewhat warped sense of humor
  • a love of TV and Pop Culture (specifically SNL, among other things)
  • a love of junk food (Doritos among other things)

Kimmy and Dad

Kimmy was 5 years older than me and so when I was about 11 she was 16 and working some crappy fast-food part-time job. My most vivid memories of my childhood with Kimmy is her coming home from work and bringing loads of JUNK FOOD.

Junk-Food attack

Often on Saturday nights IF she didn’t have a date she would spend some of her pay check on snacks for us to consume while watching TV. I credit her with introducing me to Saturday Night Live at a VERY early age.


I remember her Gilda Radner impression (she did the Lisa Loopner snort really well). I also recall her telling me that she didn’t often get the political stuff on WeekEnd Update but most of it was still funny.


She had quite a sense of humor. A lot of the stuff she did when I was little I probably thought of as mean at the time I later realized was hilarious. For example she once tricked me into eating a piece of dog food. 🙂 When I was a little kid I had a weird habit of reading the dictionary. I’d plop down on the floor and CLUNK a huge ragged dictionary down in front of the TV and just browse through reading words. She’d say:

“Here comes Larry with his big DIC-tionary!” and then she’d laugh. I didn’t get that for the LONGEST time!


I will never forget my sister Kimmy & I still watch SNL each week. It’s not as consistently funny as it was way back then even though I always understand the WeekEnd Update stuff now.


  1. She sounds like my kinda girl! Your own beautiful daughter resembles her too. I hope your loss will enable your family to come together more often.
    Your loss was definitely heavens gain!


  2. Thanks Cyndi


  3. nice son, but did you have to make me cry again, Love you, mom & Dad


  4. Hey Part-mer,
    I know how hard it was to go through this.
    I was in SC at my brother, Wes’ for Thanksgining last year. I was so thankful for it.
    It’s always nice to think about those fun times. Wes and I would stay up late during the summer and watch the late movie.
    I’ll see you in a few weeks.
    Your freind,


  5. I’m sorry to hear of your sister’s passing, Larry.

    I am a big fan of comedy, and in particular I enjoy “Saturday Night Live.” I have been reading a couple of books on the show’s history (one of the books I read nearly twenty years ago, but I wanted to refresh my memory).

    You didn’t get the “DICtionary” joke? Just how young were you?

    You and your family are in my thoughts.

    — Matt


  6. Larry,
    We both still watched SNL only now she could skip the commercials. We were both very proud of you and your family and in particular, the way you have raised Kristan “such a good girl.”
    You were and always will be “Tuff Larry” to her.

    All my love to you Teresa and Kristan



  7. Larry,
    I am very sorry about your sisters passing and the grief that you must be feeling. You and your family have been in my prayers since Kristan first told me about her and you still remain in them. Again, I’m very sorry for your loss and no doubt, like the above poster said, I am sure heaven gained a great person.



  8. Thanks, Gavin, Nancy, Chris & Matt. Sorry I haven’t got back to this sooner.


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