Posted by: WebHobbit | April 2, 2008

Barack Obama -no friend of gun owners

A buddy of mine WAS a staunch Reagan conservative. In fact he was quite frankly the most conservative guy I ever knew until very recently. I may go as far as to say he sort of “showed me the way”. I was NEVER into politics at all until he started talking to me about a lot of the big issues. I don’t consider myself a 100% Republican really as I lean a little libertarian in some ways -mainly in the areas of censorship and the so-called war on drugs. But basically I am what is generally termed a Reagan Conservative. Anyway my buddy is now supporting Barack Obama in a HUGE way. Not just in the primaries but also the general Presidential election! For the record I plan to vote for Obama in the primaries -but for me this is simply to vote AGAINST Hillary. I cannot vote for Obama as President. I cannot support him for 3 reasons:

1) Taxes – Obama has lots of BIG plans for the federal government…tons of big projects including National Health care. These kinds of sprawling programs will require lots of money. Make no mistake anyone talking about programs like this WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES. This is what they mean by the term “tax and spend liberal”. My buddy says “he won’t raise my taxes, I don’t make enough”. A LOT of people would like to believe that & maybe in my friend’s case he won’t at least not at first. I just can’t trust a democrat NOT to soak the middle class. The middle class is the largest group. It’s a purse too attractive for them not to steal.

2) Nationalized Health care – I’m not in favor of this. Of course on the surface it SOUNDS good – “free health care for all!”. Someone will have to pay for it. And aside from the tax issues I have to ask the question: “Do you really WANT the Federal Government running the health care system?” Does this really sound like a good plan? The government can’t seem to handle Social Security so I don’t see why we should think to give them something as big and important as this.

3) Gun Rights – Barack Obama has been pretty quiet about his stance on the Second Amendment. In fact when I started to write this piece I searched all over I figured I would go straight to the source. BUT it’s not really mentioned much at all beyond a few Obama supporters debating the issue amongst themselves.

But look here:

Obama is very anti-gun. He favors banning ALL hand-guns as well as semi-auto rifles. He also is in favor of a Federal Ban on Concealed Carry licenses.

Also see here:

This is a deal-breaker for me and I believe it should be a deal-breaker for any freedom loving American who believes in the right of self-defense.


  1. Amen, Bro. The only way this can get worse is if the Algore jumps in with his two cents worth. If that happens I’ll point you to all the times he’s promised to deliver the USA to the UN.


  2. Taxes:
    The proposed Bush budget will raise the deficit from $162 billion to over $400 billion.
    The US national debt that is a result of decades of deficit spending is now almost $9.5 TRILLION.

    And what’s the Republican answer: large tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations while throwing a few crumbs to the working class.

    Even Warren Buffet, the 3rd richest person in the world thinks the Republicans have gone too far:
    “Frankly, an economy where my receptionist pays a lot higher tax rate than, than I do does not strike me as a just economy,”

    Buffet paid 17% while his receptionist paid a 30% rate.

    Let’s see what Obama says:
    “I would not increase taxes for middle class Americans and in fact I want to provide a tax cut for people who are making $75,000 a year or less,” he said. “For those folks, I want an offset on the payroll tax that would be worth as much as $1,000 for a family.”

    I prefer Obama’s approach.

    Health Care:

    Obama *isn’t* proposing nationalized health care.
    Read what he is proposing here:

    Personally I like his plans better than McCain’s tax cuts for billionaires.

    Yeah, I’m uncomfortable with Obama’s past on gun rights.
    However it takes Congress to actually pass the legislation, and the Democrats outside of the liberal enclaves have learned their lesson on guns and keep quiet lest they lose their seats.

    Color me cautiously optimistic.


  3. The only reason I will be voting for Obama is the same as yours. To vote against Hillary.
    I don’t know who I will vote for in Nov. i just know it won’t be a Dem or a Rep.



  4. Glocksman – I truly hope your cautious optimism pays off and it works out as you say because I think Obama IS going to win this thing.


  5. After Obama’s Wrightgate you still so sure he’ll win?
    Hey Hilary..Being married to the president does not give you “work experience” try putting that down on a resume for a REAL JOB!
    The only reason I’d want that woman in the White House is to replace all the stuff she and her bubba stole when they moved out!!


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